Nova Gestio Inmobiliaria is aware of seriousness of the current situation that we are all living because of the Coronavirus. That is why our team has immediately developed some ideas, to offer you feasible alternatives and solutions, especially in case you are in need of finding a rental property quickly.

Our reputation as a competent, serious and profesional real estate agency is well known. In order to be able to offer a good service to our clients, we propose that you contact us via telephone or via a message to collect information about our currently offered properties. It is our goal to provide all our services in the best possible way, both telematically and online. If you need to rent a property immediately, we will send you a link to our website, so you can see the pictures of the property you are interested in (the pictures show the property in its real condition, as if you were there today). Afterwards we would request the necessary documents from you (for example your ID, your employment contract and your last payrolls), in order to send them to the owner of the property. Then we would take care of all the documents that are needed for the property rental, as the reservation contract and, of course, the rental contract itself. If everything fits, you can meet with the owner directly for the key hand-over and we would be present via a video conference.

Do not miss a rental, we will help you to keep everything normal under the limitations that we currently have.

Information that we will need:

  • Personal data of all adults who will be living in the property. A copy of your DNI, Passport or NIE
  • A copy of your employment contract.
  • Your last payrolls.
  • If you have a pet or not.

If you provide this information, we will send it to the owner. If they agree with your profile, we will start with the process so that the rental contract can be signed without problems.


  1. We will send you all the information about the rental property
  2. We will ask you to send us all your documentation
  3. We will send your documentation to the owners
  4. If both parties agree, we will prepare a reservation contract
  5. Once the reservation is done and the corresponding amounts are paid via bank transfer, we will prepare the rental contract
  6. We will send the contract to both parties so they can read it and so we can correct any mistakes and answer your questions
  7. If both parties agree, the contract will be signed telematically and sent to both parties
  8. A day for the key hand-over will be fixed
  9. Only 2 people will attend this meeting, the owner and the tenant, in order to ensure medical safety for all those involved
  10. And that would be it, Nova Gestio Inmobiliaria would like to keep at your service in the way you deserve