The current health crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 affects us all, including, of course, the real estate industry. Due to this situation, all sales and rentals in real estate have temporarily been paralysed (with some exceptions, see here how we can help you).


  1. The online real estate platforms are functioning, although maybe not in the exact same way. Look for properties.
  2. The real estate agency’s websites are online and available, visit them to see properties.
  3. If you find a property that you are interested in, contact the agency and ask for more information.
  4. Request the property’s documents, such as registry details, floor plans, etc.
  5. If you have the necessary data, you can ask for a registration bill online and see if the property is charged.
  6. If you do not know the current market of the area you are interested in, you can get information about the average sell price for real estate in that same area on the internet.
  7. Compare the average sale price of the market with the listed price of the property you are interested in.
  8. Calculate the costs you will have if you buy: taxes, expenses, etc.
  9. If you do not need a mortgage, you can reach an agreement with the seller and settle a purchase contract (this is not advisable due to the risks attached to buying a property without having done a viewing previously).
  10. If you need financing, search for a mortgage simulator and calculate an estimation of what your monthly payments would be, to avoid surprises.
  11. Contact some banks and ask them to send you an offer for mortgages. Send them your documents.

Nova Gestio Real Estate can help you with all these steps and we are here for you to support you in everything necessary. Or, if you would like to skip all these steps and leave it directly in the hands of a professional, you can hire our service as your Real Estate Personal Shopper. This way, we would take care of everything for you.